Consumer Electronics

So it's come time to replace that outdated TV, or stereo system. You rush out and buy the latest and greatest product on the market, and when the sales person asks "Would you like us to install it for you", you say "No thanks how hard can it be" You rush home with your new TV or surround sound system, take it out of the box, and after looking at the manual for setup instructions you realize maybe having someone set it up for you was not such a bad idea. Padre PC understands your frustration. Times are changing, consumer products are becoming more technical everyday, but the level of help out there is staying the same. If you are one of the thousands of people that run into this situation, Padre PC can lend a helping hand. Whether it be that new TV, stereo system, digital camera, etc, we understand electronics. Let us help you understand your electronics purchases. In no time you'll be taking and editing pics like a pro, or sitting back with that fresh bowl of popcorn watching the latest movie on your new Blue-ray player!


Do you find yourself scratching your head when it comes to deciding on technology? Scratch no more!
Tech Support
Should be personable. It should not be waiting on the phone for an hr only to find out you cannot understand the other person on the other end.
Would you like to be able to sit on the back deck, enjoying the gulf coast, and yet still be connected to the world?
Web Design
Facebook and Myspace can only give you so much when it comes to your digital footprint on the internet.
When you just need to talk to someone that understands how you feel when it comes to learning something new.
Residential Services
Residential customers are often overlooked. Find out how Padre PC can help to improve your technology driven life.


News and Events
AUG 26
Padre PC has new web design. Have a look around!


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