Commercial Services

Padre PC was founded by keeping two very distinct principles in mind. Customer service, and customer loyalty. Many companies talk about these same principles but in fact all they DO is talk. We truly believe at Padre PC that the customer is our greatest asset. We will do whatever it takes to maintain the level of service you would expect from a company that stands behind these principles. Padre PC is a full service technology company providing troubleshooting, hardware repairs, IT consulting, and web design for both the residential and commercial customer.  The goal of Padre PC is to bring computers and the technology surrounding them down to a level which anyone can understand. Through phone calls, chat sessions, email, and on-site visits, this goal can be reached. Please see the appropriate services section for a better understanding of how Padre PC can further enrich your technology driven life.


Finding the right combinations of business technology can be a daunting task to say the least.
IT Consulting
Whether it be training or manageing your business network, IT Consulting is a time consuming task.
Keeping your business connected on a global scale is important. Padre PC makes it a snap!
Web Design
Having a business presence on the web will drive revenue and increas your customer base.


News and Events
AUG 26
Padre PC has new web design. Have a look around!


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