Whether you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, you’re a person who likes to have the latest and greatest computing technology , or it is truly time to get rid of the computasaurus under your desk, buying a new computer can be a daunting task. Even if money is no option you still need to make sure that all of the components you pick will be compatible with each other. Pre-sales questions can be some of the toughest questions to ask especially if you’re not sure what to ask. It makes no difference whether you buy your next PC from a local vendor, or a large corporation, most if not all computer vendors try to sell you hardware you do not need. Padre PC feels that you should only have to buy what YOU want or need, NOT what they want you to buy. This is especially true of the first time computer buyer. Padre PC can take all of the guess work out of the computer purchasing process. Based on a "needs vs. wants" evaluation, PadrePC can advise you or your company on the correct purchase path to fit not only your budget, but the end users knowledge level. Pre-sales questions are not just about computer system purchases. They could be about ANY new piece of technology be it hardware OR software. In this day and age saving money is the bottom line. Saving time is also saving money. Let Padre PC take the guess work out of your next purchase and have you on the path to technological freedom in no time!


Residential Services
Residential customers are often overlooked. Find out how Padre PC can help to improve your technology driven life.
Tech Support
Should be personable. It should not be waiting on the phone for an hr only to find out you cannot understand the other person on the other end.
Would you like to be able to sit on the back deck, enjoying the gulf coast, and yet still be connected to the world?
Web Design
Facebook and Myspace can only give you so much when it comes to your digital footprint on the internet.
When you just need to talk to someone that understands how you feel when it comes to learning something new.
Consumer Electronics
Have a new TV or surround sound system that needs to be configured and installed but don't want the hassle of self instillation? See what other technologies Padre PC can assist you with.


News and Events
AUG 26
Padre PC has new web design. Have a look around!


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