Tech Support

Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment. In this fast paced technologically driven society we live in things are going to happen that we do not expect. Web pages will not show up correctly, hardware will fail, and software will have glitches. These are facts of a technical life. The one thing that is a constant in all of this is that you will need help in fixing the issue at hand. Contacting PadrePC with your technical questions will ensure that you have a company that is not only sympathetic, but also empathetic to your needs as well as a company that you can trust and understand. Whether the issue you are having is resolved via phone, email, or onsite visit one thing is for certain with PadrePC. The issue will be resolved.


Do you find yourself scratching your head when it comes to deciding on technology? Scratch no more!
Residential Services
Residential customers are often overlooked. Find out how Padre PC can help to improve your technology driven life.
Would you like to be able to sit on the back deck, enjoying the gulf coast, and yet still be connected to the world?
Web Design
Facebook and Myspace can only give you so much when it comes to your digital footprint on the internet.
When you just need to talk to someone that understands how you feel when it comes to learning something new.
Consumer Electronics
Have a new TV or surround sound system that needs to be configured and installed but don't want the hassle of self instillation? See what other technologies Padre PC can assist you with.


News and Events
AUG 26
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