Wired Networking

No matter how you cut it the networking pie is getting bigger, faster, and in some cases more daunting to setup. Networking for the home user in general used to be a few steps. All you needed was an extra phone cable, an account with an ISP, and you were cruising the online world in no time at 56Kbs honestly more like 34Kbs to 41Kbs. Times have surely changed. This was usually the extent of home networking. One user, and one machine, connected to the internet. With the advent of "High-Speed" internet services from cable companies, DSL Service providers, and dish networks, the internet is much faster. Given that computer prices have fallen drastically in the last 10 years, it is not uncommon for the average home user to have more than one PC in their homes. More than likely the home network now looks like a 3 or 4 pc network with all of them having access to each other's files, and the internet. This is also more plausible given that many employers are allowing Tele-commuting. Networking has also evolved as the home theater/ entertainment world has evolved. With an in home network it is now possible to stream those thousands of media files you have over the network to a home theater capable device as opposed to only listening or viewing them on the PC. If you have an internet ready or network capable device such as a gaming system, you are already half way there! Padre PC can assist in getting your home hardwired for faster internet service, streaming media, and the world at your fingertips.


Wireless Networking

With the increase in internet speeds, the ability to connect wirelessly is even easier. Imagine having a wireless network in your home. The freedom a wireless network provides is limited only by the range of your network. Wireless networking is no different than wired networking with the exception of a few pieces of hardware. If you have a DSL or cable modem connection to the internet you can easily have a wireless network installed. Padre PC can advise on hardware purcheses, do a home evaluation on the best location to install the wireless hardware, and configure the hardware with ease of use and security in mind. Security brings up a good point. Wireless security is just as good as wired security if set up properly.


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