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Whether you or your company have some money burning a hole in your pocket, you’re a person who likes to have the latest and greatest computing technology at any given time, or it is truly time to get rid of the computasaurus under your desk, buying a new computer can be a daunting task. Even if money is no option you still need to make sure that all of the components you pick out will work with each other. Pre-sales questions can be some of the toughest questions to ask especially if you’re not sure what to ask. It makes no difference whether you buy your next PC from a local vendor, or a large corporation, most if not all computer vendors try to sell you hardware you do not need. We at PadrePC feel that you should only have to buy what YOU want or need, NOT what they want you to buy. This is especially true of the first time computer buyer. PadrePC can take all of the guess work out of the computer purchasing process. Based on a "needs vs. wants" evaluation, PadrePC can advise you or your company on the correct purchase path to fit not only your budget, but the end users knowledge level. Pre-sales questions are not just about computer system purchases. They could be about ANY new piece of technology be it hardware OR software. In this day and age saving money is the bottom line. Saving time is also saving money. Let PadrePC take the guess work out of your next purchase and have you and or your company on the path to technological freedom in no time!


Networking - Personal Networking

No matter how you cut it the networking pie is getting bigger, faster, and in some cases more daunting to setup. Networking for the home user in general used to be a few steps. All you needed was an extra phone cable, an account with an ISP, and you were cruising the online world in no time at 56Kbs honestly more like 34Kbs to 41Kbs. Times have surely changed. This was usually the extent of home use networking. One user, and one machine, connected to the internet. With the advent of "High-Speed" internet services from cable companies, DSL Service providers, and dish networks, the internet looked at as a completely different animal. Given that computer prices have fallen drastically in the last 10 years, it is not uncommon for the average home user to have more than one PC in their homes. More than likely the home network now looks like a 3 or 4 pc network with all of them having access to each other's files, and the internet. This is also more plausible given that many employers are allowing Tele-commuting. Networking has also evolved as the home theater/ entertainment world has evolved. With an in home network it is now possible to stream those thousands of media files over the network to a home theater capable device as opposed to only listening or viewing them on the PC. PadrePC WILL make heads or tails of the dilemma most home networks face, and also make them easy to use. Whether your home is wired, or wirelessly networked, PadrePC can help you get the most out of your network environment.

Business Networking

Is your business network running slow? Can't decide when to let go of the average high speed network and move to a T1 line? Is your business growing and you have questions about the future? PadrePC can take the guess work out of your business networking needs. Not only can we advise your company on the best methods for networking your office/offices, but we can perform the networking tasks for you. Let PadrePC design and build the network that is tailored for your company as it is now as well as the future!

IT Consulting

Medium to large companies have an IT staff to handle computer/technology related issues within their company. This allows the technology users to focus their time and energies on the company rather than the technology. In most cases small businesses do not have these types of departments. Well times have changed, and any small business owner can have a dedicated IT department. PadrePC can be the company you call for any technology needs regardless of what they are. PadrePC can be YOUR personal IT department that can take care of the technology needs that arise in your company allowing you to focus on your business!

Tech Support

Let's be honest with ourselves for a moment. In this fast paced technologically driven society we live in things are going to happen that we do not expect. Web pages will not show up correctly, hardware will fail, and software will have glitches. These are facts of a technical life. The one thing that is a constant in all of this is that you will need help in fixing the issue at hand. Contacting PadrePC with your technical questions will ensure that you have a company that is not only sympathetic, but also empathetic to your needs as well as a company that you can trust and understand. Whether the issue you are having is resolved via phone, email, or onsite visit one thing is for certain with PadrePC. The issue will be resolved.


Web Design - Personal

Have you outgrown your facebook, myspace, blog pages, and other social networking sites? Are you looking for a more permanent place on the web? Maybe it’s not that you’ve outgrown any of the social networking sites at all. Maybe all you need is a new look! PadrePC can help either way. No matter if you want to keep your social networking sites or not, PadrePC can help design a much more appealing look, a specialized look that corresponds with your mood or perhaps your personality. If in fact you are looking for something a little more permanent that you have total control over then it might be time to consider your very own personal website. PadrePC can help design, build, and in some cases if you choose, maintain your site for you. With your own personal mark on the internet, you can display the pictures YOU want to display, in the manner in which you wish to display them. You can write about whatever you want to write, no matter what it is or the feelings behind that writing. It is YOUR site. You have say in everything that goes on. Let PadrePC guide you in seeing your internet vision come to fruition


Are you looking to market your company to a much broader audience? Are you looking to increase web sales? Are you looking to put your business on the Internet Map? PadrePC can help. PadrePC believes that in the internet age it is almost un-heard of for a small business to NOT have a landing place on the internet. Having a company website is like having free marketing. It’s there for everyone to see and hopefully partake of your company’s services. PadrePC can help design, build, and maintain your company’s website. PadrePC will ensure ease of use as well as ease of maintenance of your website based on current technologies available in the market place. Let PadrePC help get the word out that your company is ready to compete with the big boys and girls!


In-Home Training

How many times have you said to someone in conversation “I wish I knew more about email, or I wish I knew more about working with photo software?” If your one of the many thousands of people that ask the same type of questions day in and day out PadrePC can help. PadrePC knows there are times when a “help” file just won’t do. PadrePC understands that there are times when you need someone sitting right next to you showing you how to complete a particular task, or use a particular piece of software to its full potential. Let PadrePC come and sit with you on a case by case basis and be that “someone” to teach you, answer your questions, and help you to be a better all around general technology user.