Personal/Home Office
$45/hr Flat Rate (1hr minimum)
Phone Consultations/Tech Support - $13.75/15 minutes  

Small to Medium Business
$60/hr Flat Rate (1hr minimum)
Phone Consultations/Tech Support – $16.25/15 minutes

Pre-Paid Packages
PadrePC understands that most small and medium sized organizations lack the personnel to take on the requirements of this highly technological age. That's why PadrePC offers short-term contracts with IT billable hours. realizes how valuable time is, and to minimize downtime we guarantee a 4-hour response time & a 24-hour turn around. Take advantage of great savings by buying hours in bulk. Pay only $45 per hour when purchasing 50 hours or more! Pre-Paid hours Never Expire!

IT PACK 1 - 10 Hours                $700.00
IT PACK 2 - 15 Hours                $975.00
IT PACK 3 - 30 Hours                $1,650.00
IT PACK 4 - 50 Hours                $2,250.00

Not only does PadrePC understand and recognize the needs of small and medium business but also those of the   Personal/Home Office users. Like the small business IT hrs PadrePC also has packages for the Personal/Home Office. Home Office and Personal Users can expect the same 4hr response time as well as a 24hr to 48hr turn around. Personal/Home Office users can enjoy the same great savings as the small to medium sized business buy buying P/HO hrs in bulk. Pay only $35 per hour when purchasing 20 hours or more.

P/HO PACK 1 – 5 Hours         $275
P/HO PACK 2 – 10 Hours        $550
P/HO PACK 3 – 15 Hours        $675
P/HO PACK 4 – 20 Hours        $700

Package Details
Virus prevention & Recovery
Windows Troubleshooting
Network Connectivity Troubleshooting
Hardware & Software Support
Printer/Fax Troubleshooting
Network design & installation
Telephone Assistance with Tech Support
Data Recovery and Transfer
Preventive Maintenance
Computer System Repairs/Diagnosing
Computer System Installation